How to Find the Best Car Insurance Companies and the Best Rates

Average car insurance rates in the United States have declined in the last few years, but most of us are still paying $1400 to $3700 a year to insure our vehicles. With prices this high, we want to find the best car insurance companies with the best rates. Here’s how to do it quickly and easily.

Find the Best Car Insurance Rates

Insurance rates can vary by hundreds of dollars from one company to another, even for the same coverage. This is why it’s so important to shop around for the best auto insurance rate.

The Internet can help you quickly get rate quotes from numerous companies. Using an insurance comparison website, you can enter all your vehicle and driving information on one form and receive quotes from a number of insurance companies (see link below).

Find the Best Car Insurance Companies

Once you have quotes from several companies, how do you choose the best car insurance company? Your instinct might be to just grab the company with the cheapest rate. And while this might, in the end, be your choice, you need to also make sure the company is going to provide you with good service.

To evaluate insurance companies, follow these tips:

* Check your state’s Department of Insurance website. Every state has a website maintained by the Insurance Commissioner that lists licensed agents and companies and each company’s complaint ratio. You can select your state from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) website.

* Check ratings from companies such as J.D. Power and Associates, A.M. Best, and Standard & Poor.

* Evaluate each company’s communication efforts. Is there a local agent you can call with questions? Is there an 800 number you can call? Is the website informative?

* Evaluate each company’s payment policies. Do they offer payment plans and online payment options? What are the penalties for late payments?